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A project done in Boulder CO.  Dug out the hillside, put in Concrete and block walls, underground utilities and a concrete out door patio and kitchen.  Also redid the front driveway. 

2014 Shadow Mt. Subdivision Concrete Curb & Gutter project Phase 1.

Cross Mountain 2014 Ditch building & Shaffer Dam Project.

2014 Tristate Trench work, Fire Hydrant install, pond cleaning & down hill wash out erosion control install.

Colowyo Pond Cleaning 2014

Elam gravel pit Reclaim, restoration & seeding.

City of Steamboat Springs Waterline  Replacement Project 2013

Maybell Waste Water Treatment plant -  Pond clean out & restoration.

Axia Energy Road & Pad 2013

Axia Energy- building the road into the pad, using rock from Moffat Limestone.

CDOT Drainage replacement Project- Craig CO

Tri-State Ditch Reclamation on Rabbit Ears Pass, Routt County Colorado.

Fire Training Tower-  Craig, CO

Pouring Concrete on the 5th floor!

Concrete Flat work at the Fire Training TowerConcrete flat work for the parking lot at the Fire Training Tower.

Fire Training Tower going up after a long spring of ground work. 

CO State Hwy 317 - Hamilton CO

Half way through the rock wall on Hwy 317.

The completed project on Hwy 317.

Slater Creek Bridge in North Routt County

Finishing up Slater Creek Bridge

Chicken Creek Bridge in North Routt County

This is just showing the rock wall we had to chip out and the concrete base that was poured.

This picture of the Chicken Creek Bridge going up.  The bottom of this structure is all concrete withthe start of the wing walls on the ends.  The rebar is ready so that when the structure is built, the concrete wing walls will be built up to match the bridge height.

The bridge structure is going up!

Completion of the Chicken Creek Bridge in North Routt County.

The other side of Chicken Creek Bridge complete.  Located in North Routt County.

Cross Mountain Diversion Dam and pump install for irrigation

Axia EnergyPad and Road building, we also supplied a guard shack, trash bens and service, and we helped build a 12" Poly water line from a ranch pond to the location.

Slumberger Pad, road work and Oilfiled work

Seneca Mine Slide clean up

Deserado Refuse Coal Haul

Trapper Mine Road and Pad Building - 26 pads on Knez Divide South of Craig

Middle Creek Ranch Pond Cleaning

2011 Baggs WY Infiltration Gallery and Intake Improvements project

We had to divert the river around us, dig a 9' deep hole and install the Infiltration Gallery.  We had one big water pump and numerous small water pumps to keep the groud water out.

Here the pipe is burried on the bottom and the pipes going up are being slowly backfilled also.

20- Mile Road and Pad Building

2011 Colowyo Slide Clean up....

CNCC Auto Tech building

This is one of the foundations for the CNCC Auto Tech building that was built when the new college was built.  We did all the underground utilities and backfill of the foundation. 

Trapper Mine Pad building

2010 Pipe Bursting project for the City of Craig...

The Man Hole was dug up and the new 8" poly HDPE pipe was fused together and layed out.

The 8" pipe was pulled down into the ditch and lined up with the old 6" orangberg pipe and a 10" sizer was put between the two and pounded with an 8" Hammer Head Mole with a wench guiding it to the next manhole. 

The 8 " pipe was pounded thru the bursted 6" pipe to the next manhole.

Sewer services had to be dug up and re-tapped onto the new 8" line. 

This was not disturbed while laying a new 8" line.

This was not disturbed while putting in the new 8" line.       It took approx 2-3 hours to go 250ft from manhole to manhole.  This was our first project and should get faster as we do our more projects.

Oil Field Work...

Building an oil field pad North West of Maybell Colorado,  Completed  in 2010., Oilfield pad.  Approx. 15,000yds of dirt was moved.

Laying mat boards to clean an oil spill in the middle of a hay field south of Craig.

Welding Guards on

2008 CNCC Expansion Project...

We are proud to have been awarded the contract for the (CNCC) expansion project. This Phase I infrastructure project consisted of topsoil removal & replacement, overlot grading, erosion control, underground utilities, 5300 feet of 8" water main and 2500 feet of 8" sanitary sewer, 9 manholes, and seeding.

Wyman Museum- Sherman Oxbow, "Fishing is fun" Pond dredging and cleaning 2011 Check out the link to the Craig Daily Press Story: http://www.craigdailypress.com/news/2011/jan/21/wyman-museum-craig-dredging-fishing-pond-spring-op/

Look Ranch Subdivision, located in North Routt County, is one project that was completed the summer of 2008.

Work included, grading & excavating, building a pond, underground utilities, water & sewer lines, and road work. Both pictures, to the right and below are taken from the pond.

Blacktail Subdivision is another project that was completed the summer of 2008. Located at Stagecoach Resevoir in Routt County, work included grading and excavating, underground utilities, water & sewer lines, and road work.

2007 Craig Middle School Demolition

Demolition of the Craig Middle School in 2007.           We also did the foundation, underground utilities, and parking lot for the new CMS building.