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Trackhoes, backhoes, Dozers, Rollers, Dump Trucks, End Dump, Belly Dump, Side Dump, a 65 Ton  8 axial lowboy, Bobcats, Mini Excavator and many misc. pieces of small equipment to help with every project you may have.

Contact us today to see how we can help you! (970) 824-0382

The 322 Longreach Trackhoe (shown to the left) is a specialty piece with a 65' arm which can be used for pond cleaning and ditch building.  *******************                                                             Other Trackhoes include:  a 325LC Trackhoe, a 330LC, a 230LC, a 315BL, and a Bobcat Mini Excavator for the smaller projects.                                                                                               Backhoes:  410J, and 410G Backhoes

Loading the Haul Trucks with the 400 Trackhoe at the CNCC Site 2008Loading our Haul Trucks with our PC400 Trackhoe at the CNCC site development project in 2008.                                                Trucks Include: We have 10 wheel Dump trucks, along with Tractor trucks and an End Dump, Belly Dump and Side Dump.   a 3500 Gal Water truck and a 4000 Gal Water Truck.  And one Service Truck.

Mike Anson and his boys on the D8N Dozer.  We also have a D7H and a little 650H for the fine grading. ******** **     AEP has a 140G CAT Moter-grader as part of its fleet also.

Lowboy equipment  and material hauling up to 50 tons.      We also have a 40' goosneck flatbed trailer for material hauling for Hot Shot runs if needed.

Other equipment includes:       generators and water  pumps. Roller and small compactors.       

Larger or smaller equipment can also be rented as the project needs. Please call us to see about a project for you!  Office (970) 824-0382  Cell (970) 629-2057